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Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Update

Upcoming Schedule

No upcoming events.

While Business Is Down

Julie has  been offering free classes virtually to get us all through this tough time together. Social distancing can be hard so I see these classes as a gift. Many of you have asked about payment options. If you are inclined I can receive payment by clicking below or contact me if you wish to send a check instead. What is more important is that everyone "attends" class and takes good care of themselves. Thank you!

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Welcome to Julie's Fitness Studio


Our Studio

Our space is approximately 500 square feet equipped with free weights, yoga mats, and aerobic steps. There is a music system ready to use and a large mirror across the room making the room feel expansive yet cozy enough to ensure that every participant in a given class receives the attention they deserve and desire. 


Trainer Partners

Trainers and instructors all support our mission of creating a space that connects the community to health, wellness, fitness, and each other. Our trainers work together to support one another to ensure that everyone finds a class that matches everyone's desires and goals.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Whether you are looking to build muscle, flexibility, happiness, or community, there is a class for you at Julie's Fitness Studio. All classes can be modified to meet the needs of participants so don't be afraid to try something new. Try yoga, cardio sculpt, or something different like belly dancing or a class for the kids! Don't see the class you were hoping for? Let Julie know.