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About Julie

Personal and Fitness

I have lived in the Willamette neighborhood here in West Linn since 2005. I love my community and strive to make it a better place. My goal is to create a local spot for my neighbors, near and far, to have a comfortable place to improve their health and wellness through yoga, exercise, and community building.


I am also a registered dietitian and have years of experience as a nutrition consultant. I specialize in health through a natural approach focusing on whole, real food and a lifestyle mindset rather than chasing the latest fad. I have specific expertise on supporting those with food restrictions whether it is dairy, gluten, nuts, meat, or any other allergy or illness under the sun. I have lived without gluten and dairy myself for most of the last decade and am also strictly plant based, so I understand the challenges that come with food restrictions. While I’ve helped many clients with their short term goals, I want my clients to learn life long lessons about food choices that will last beyond our time together.


To create a space that connects the community to health, wellness, fitness, and each other.